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Low-Cost Vaccinations

Butte Humane Society currently offers the following vaccinations, tests and products during the week from 9am to 4:30pm by appointment only.  Please call 530.343.7917 ext. 3 to make your appointment. Flea & heartworm preventatives may be purchased during public hours without an appointment. Our clinic is located at 587 Country Drive, Chico, CA 95928.

Vaccines Price   Advantage 1 mo. supply Price   Other Services Price
Rabies $14   Feline Under 9 lbs $8   Capstar Flea Treatment $6-$7
DHLPP $20   Feline Over 9 lbs $11   Pyrantel Dewormer $6
FVRCP $18   Canine 2-10 lbs $8   Canine Tri-Heart 2-25 lbs * $27
Bordetella $18   Canine 11-20 lbs $11   Canine Tri-Heart 26-50 lbs * $37
Leukemia $23   Canine 21-55 lbs $13   Canine Tri-Heart 51-100 lbs * $47
Rattlesnake $23   Canine 56-100 lbs $15   Feline Heartgard 5-15 lbs * $30
Tests     Frontline 1 mo. supply     Engraved Tags* $6.45
FIV/ FeLV Test * $40   Canine 4-22 lbs $13   FeLV/FIV Combo Test** $40
Feline Leukemia Test * $25   Canine 23-44 lbs $15   E-Collar $10
Heartworm Test * $23   Canine 45-88 lbs $17   Microchip $28
    Canine 89-132 lbs $19   Cardboard Carrier  $5
          Feline Leukemia Test** $25
          Heartworm Test** $23
          Parvo Test** $25
          Heartworm Prevention** $27-$47

*Only sold at our Dog Adoption Center, 2579 Fair Street. 7 days a week, 12pm-6pm
**To buy heartworm prevention or have your pet tested, your dog or cat must have been examined by our veterinarian within the last year. Prices shown are for a 6-month supply.

To see our spay/neuter price list, click here. To see our euthanasia & after-care price list,  click here

Price list as of 1/12/2016. Butte Humane Society accepts cash and all major credit cards. We do not accept checks, except for donations. We do not accept Care Credit.

Below is our recommended vaccination protocol for dogs and cats owned by the public. Please note, California State law requires that dogs 16 weeks and older be current on their rabies vaccinations - but as of January 1st, 2014, owners have the option of vaccinating their dog as young as 12 weeks old.

While residing at an animal shelter, pets are under more stress than in a home environment. To help keep the animals as healthy as possible, they are given vaccines according to the tables below. These are the vaccines your adopted pet received while under our care. Due to financial constraints, we are only able to provide core vaccines to our dogs and cats.  We highly recommend FeLV vaccines for cats, and Rattlesnake vaccines for dogs. Heartworm prevention is a prescription medication and can be purchased from our clinic if your adopted dog was examined by our staff veterinarian during their stay.