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Throw Your Own Fundraiser

The time and effort that you put into an event will benefit the thousands of injured, neglected or abandoned animals we care for each year at Butte Humane Society. No matter how large or small, your contribution will make a big difference in the lives of our animals. 

For more information about becoming a Community Fundraising Partner click here

Event Planning

1. Brainstorm event ideas. Examples:

  • ____-a-Thons: bowl, walk, run, bike, dance
  • Auctions: donated goods, art, handmade products, etc.
  • Arts and Crafts Shows
  • Birthday Parties or Personal Celebrations
  • Bring Your Dog to Work Day
  • Car Washes
  • Neighborhood or School Donation Drive (check our Wish List)
  • Galas
  • Garage & Yard Sales
  • Theme Parties
  • Ticket Sales, Raffles and Entry Fees
  • Pet Washes
  • School Events: raise a certain amount to make your teacher/principal do something unusual
  • Sporting Events and Tournaments
  • Denim Friday
  • Bake Sale

2. Set the date and location.

Schedule your event for a day, time and location that provides you with plenty of time to plan and promote it properly. Before confirming the date, check with BHS to make sure it doesn't conflict with another event. 

3. Set fundraising goals and a budget.

Remember, the lower your costs to produce the event, the higher your contribution will be. 

4. Contact Butte Humane Society to submit a Partnership Agreement. 

Please email us to schedule an appointment.  Partnership Agreements must be created prior to a community fundraiser. 

5. Create a "Day of Event" agenda and checklist.

6. Develop a publicity/promotion plan.

Flyers, posters and other promotional materials will help generate awareness and excitement about your event.  You must submit all promotional material to Butte Humane Society for final approval.

7. Have the event!

With proper planning, you can have a fun and successful event. Once your event is over, just submit the proceeds to Butte Humane Society and start planning your next event.